Khone Alman, which is Persian and means "German House", is a German - Persian house of shared culture, understanding and friendship. We serve and deliver authentic, German and Persian cuisine, organise regular events and occasionally stock exotic specialisties that are otherwise not available in Tehran.


Fresh ingredients

All our food is prepared with fresh, organic ingredients for a delicious, healthy meal.

Local farmer

Aside from our imports, all of our ingredients are sourced from local farmers.

Green packaging

Our delivery packaging is environmentally friendly and recycable.

Earn points

We reward loyalty! With every order and friend referral you make, you earn points which you can redeem for delicious, German meals and specialities on the house.

+2 points
for every friend referral

+1 point
for every order

Redeem points

For 9 points you can get a free Crêpe,
for around 17 points, you can already order a free Lasagna + Coke
and for 50 points, you can get a 100 T gift card for family, friends or yourself :).



Your phone number is your customer number, as well as your referral code.


Pre-register now and receive + 2 loyalty points (worth 4 T), plus another + 1 loyalty point for your first order.


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